Best examples of good employee recognition

If you want to increase employee engagement in your business, programs for employee recognition are a logical next step. Although they can be difficult to deploy and quite expensive, they will increase employee engagement, productivity, and performance. Therefore it is useful to look at some of the most successful examples of good employee recognition.

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In this article let’s look at some of the best examples of good employee recognition in brands that are well known worldwide. 

Disney – among the top organizations when it comes to recognition

examples of good employee recognition disney

With more than 180 employee appreciation programs, Disney is among the top worldwide organizations in this regard. Long-serving cast members from Disney resorts, parks, CruiseLine, and Imagineering also receive Christmas gifts, yearly honors, and pin badges. 

Top-performing employees who are recommended by their line supervisors may be chosen in a lucky draw to get:

  • a Disney vacation that is fully paid for, 
  • a night at Cinderella castle, 
  • the opportunity to take part in a parade, 
  • and the opportunity to work on Disney shooting projects.

Other special mentions include the “Applause-O-Grams” certificates for those who go above and beyond the call of duty. As well as the #CASTCOMPLIMENT social media recognition on Twitter, the guest service fanatic awards for on-the-spot recognition of unpaid and backstage cast members, and service awards for company loyalty.

Airbnb – yearly travel benefits and so much more

examples of good employee recognition airbnb

With remarkable outcomes for employee engagement, Airbnb‘s employment offerings are kept competitive thanks to some fantastic employee benefits. 

First, they intend to enable employees to stay at any Airbnb listing worldwide by providing a $2000 yearly travel stipend that is paid out quarterly. Employees can take advantage of the marketplace and interact with the local community in this way. 

Another reason they’re on our top examples of good employee recognition, is a list of other goodies available to employees. Together with some common employee benefits like generous paternity and family leave, Airbnb offers other benefits that contribute to its success and give it a competitive edge over other major corporations. 

These benefits include:

  • complimentary gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, 
  • as well as 24-hour access to drinks and snacks, are part of its rewards program, 
  • access to Apple equipment, 
  • on-site fitness classes, 
  • gender-neutral restrooms, 
  • happy hours, 
  • a pet-friendly office.

 Any workplace culture that includes our animal companions is one we wholeheartedly support. 🙂

Asana – one of the best approaches in rewarding employees

asana recognition

In a few years, Asana went from being a startup in Silicon Valley to a top company. Also, it takes one of the best approaches to rewarding employees. It provides typical health benefits to its staff, such as vision and dental coverage, but it also rewards devoted workers with a weekly group yoga class held inside the company.

Twice a week, these yoga sessions are held. Also, workers are permitted to bring one other person with them.

Asana provides its staff with daily lunch and dinner meals made of organic ingredients in addition to the yoga sessions. The meals could be changed, though, to accommodate a worker’s preferred diet.

Last but not least, Asana gives its workers $10,000 in funding so they can have their own workspaces.

Apple – strategic employee recognition

apple recognition of employees

When it comes to worker satisfaction, Apple has always received rather excellent marks. Apple’s excellent employee appreciation program is, of course, a component of its experience management strategy. 

For instance, Apple surprised its staff during the holiday season by extending the holiday so that the entire staff could take a week off. Also, Apple tailored the award based on the location and work position of an employee. An equivalent holiday would be paid time off for employees in another region of the world. 

In Apple’s strategic employee recognition, two important components stand out:

  1. Apple realized that every employee’s actions were crucial to the company’s success. This makes a clear connection between specific job tasks and the bigger company concept. 
  2. Second, the incentive was designed to satisfy local, cultural, and individual needs. Regardless of where their office was located, employees could enjoy their gift and feel appreciated.

Zappos – office devoted to treating their employees well

examples of good employee recognition

Online retailer Zappos is dedicated to encouraging a sense of family and camaraderie among its staff members. One method they use to accomplish this is through employee appreciation, which is 360 degrees rather than just top-down. 

Their Coworker Bonus Program, which enables employees to give an extra $50 each month to a coworker who has actually gone above and beyond, is prominently featured.

On its website, Zappos claims that their office is devoted to treating their staff well. It has a gym, rooftop balcony, yoga studio, nap room, and more.

In conclusion

These were some of the best examples of good employee recognition that we picked for this article.

In conclusion, every business provides special rewards for its devoted workers. All companies share one thing, though, and that is the desire to make their employees’ commitment and performance worthwhile by giving them worthwhile rewards.

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