Best examples of good employee engagement

One of the most important parts of any company is employee engagement. It is a crucial component to take into account while managing a successful business. We like to think that it’s best to learn from others, especially if we can find successful examples. Speaking of those, it is best to see examples of good employee engagement before deciding on which strategies to implement into your company.

Before reading further, see our article on What is employee engagement to learn what it consists of.  

In this article let’s see some of the best examples of good employee engagement in businesses we all love and recognize. 


google company engagement

In terms of employee engagement, Google is a pioneer. It should come as no surprise that the tech giant is at the forefront of employee engagement and happiness given that it measures everything.

Google is one of the top examples of good employee engagement because of their special benefits program. Among other amazing benefits, Google provides subsidized massages, foosball and video game stations, on-site doctors, gym and swimming pool subscriptions. Learn more about Google in our article Google company culture

Another way Google is managing their employee engagement is with versatility. They were one of the first businesses to completely grasp the advantages of flexibility for both their employees and their profit line. In essence, the business trusts its motivated people to take the actions that provide the best outcomes.

Google interacts with its huge network of employees in a number of ways, which is one of the reasons we adore this employee engagement organization. They frequently use such platforms as Caroo to send care packages to their distant personnel. Caroo is swiftly earning a reputation as a hub for employee care since it creates personalized boxes and care items just for workers. 

Microsoft Corp.

examples of good employee engagement

It’s difficult to find a single ranking of organizations with high employee engagement that doesn’t include this technology giant at the top. Microsoft has led efforts to engage employees through a variety of methods throughout the years. So, precisely how do they do it?

Communication is key to creating a sense of community, and the business does this by promoting efficient internal communication across all of its departments. The organization allows workers to connect with staff and executives by introducing a “CEO Connection” page into their internal communications strategy. Additionally, it encourages top-down discussions and improves access to leadership messages.

Professional development is another noteworthy strategy. Microsoft fosters a growth culture in addition to providing opportunities for professional advancement. The CEO of the business, Satya Nadella, claims that Microsoft is a firm of “learn-it-alls,” not “know-it-alls.” 

The Microsoft company organizes a ton of team building activities to help coworkers get along. Events are also used to mobilize staff around enduring company principles. For instance, regular community outreach initiatives help to promote social responsibility.


spotify engagement

One of the most popular music streaming services in the world, Spotify, offers customers a wide selection of songs from musicians in every genre and style. Spotify makes it a point to enhance the lives of their staff, just as they do for their fans.

Employees of Spotify can travel with their coworkers to trade shows and music festivals. This company offers their employees amazing perks, for example, all new parents at Spotify are eligible for up to six months of paid leave. 

In order to promote staff engagement, satisfaction, and wellbeing, Spotify offers its own employee support program and self-care hub.

Because Spotify employs tools like Leapsome to support their team members in using flexible metrics and visualizing dependencies in goal trees, we adore this employee engagement efficient company.


adobe employee engagement

Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, videographer, or some other highly creative worker, Adobe is certainly recognizable to you. Adobe is the leading product suite for all things visual. The same way that Adobe was one of the first businesses to introduce a subscription model, they are now making strides in the area of employee engagement.

For elite credential programs, academic degrees, technical certificates, and advanced specializations, employees may get up to $10,000 in annual reimbursement.

Another way to build up their employee engagement is Adobe offers road trip support, including for personal business. As well as emergency medical coverage to those who travel for business internationally.

Adobe uses Motivosity team-building software to foster a sense of community, excellent recognition, and efficient management procedures. By the use of action plans, real-time feedback, and clear benchmarks, Motivosity fosters a happier workplace.


apple company engagement

Steve Jobs responded to a question on team collaboration in 2010 by saying: “Apple is a very collaborative company. Do you realize how many committees Apple has? “No,” the interviewer answered.

Zero, Jobs retorted, “We’re set up like a start-up. The company’s leadership exhibits exceptional collaboration, which feeds through to the rest of the organization.

Teamwork is the cornerstone of Apple’s corporate culture and the secret to their success in fostering employee engagement. Here are a few additional employee engagement drivers that the business has nailed in addition to this.

Culture of collaboration. The organization now has a strong culture of collaboration thanks to a focus on teamwork. Almost every area of the firm exhibits this. Everything promotes collaboration, including the open workplace layout and the flexible business hierarchy.

Competitive wages and benefits are offered by the company, which is to say that they are really amazing. Since 2015, Apple has provided gifts of between $1000 and $2000 in the form of free stock shares to every employee.

It’s not only about the financial benefits when it comes to workplace wellness. Also, Apple employees have access to a variety of health choices, including on-site workout facilities and expansive nature trails directly outside their offices.


examples of good employee engagement

Another one of the best examples of good employee engagement is Starbucks. Luckily, this business is so successful and well known, we don’t need to introduce Starbucks. Starbucks, the biggest chain of coffee shops in the world, is a great example of a company that recognizes the importance of its employees to the company in many different ways.

For instance, every barista is taught how to prepare excellent drinks and make their clients feel welcome. As a result, the business has done a great job creating a welcoming ambiance at many of its locations around the world. The culture of the business reflects this same optimistic vibe.

Every employee at Starbucks is aware of their worth as teammates. Yet, Starbucks did not accomplish this goal quickly. They have concentrated on establishing employee-friendly rules from the beginning.

For instance, they assist their personnel by providing financial aid for tuition so that they can enroll in online or university courses. This is one of the best strategies for training courses for restaurants.

The “Bean Stock” program, which allows employees to purchase company stock after a specific amount of time, is another benefit of working for Starbucks.

Additionally, Starbucks’ organizational structure is distinctive in its own right. Managers, for instance, use the term “partners” rather than “workers” to describe their team members. The partners feel tremendously inspired and driven to perform their jobs successfully and stay with the company for a very long time as a result of this program, which increases employee engagement.

In conclusion

Starting with the right strategy is the most effective way to raise employee engagement. Then, think about what you can change to enhance the elements of your business that are most significant to employees. Then, consider how you may integrate those efforts into the broader scheme of what your business must accomplish in order to succeed.

Take these examples of good employee engagement as a source of inspiration when thinking of successful employee engagement ideas for your business.

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