What is employee engagement

Every company strives to be the best at what they do. No company is complete without employees, and no successful company is complete without satisfied and happy employees. This is where employee engagement comes in – an employer should allow their staff to feel comfortable to share feedback and do their best on a daily basis.

In this article learn more on what is employee engagement and what it means to be an engaged employee.

Employee engagement explained

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment and devotion to their job on a daily basis. It often means that employees have to feel satisfied at their job in order to be good at it and want to give it their all. Employee engagement is closely tied to company culture because one cannot exist without the other.

Company culture sets out the company’s goals and aspirations as well as beliefs and values. If these are clearly communicated to the employees, they have a base of feeling involved and committed. Key elements of employee engagement include understanding one’s role within an organization and being motivated by how it fits into its goals and objectives.

Employee engagement involves feeling totally accepted as a team member, focusing on specific goals and being trusted and empowered. It means having regular feedback that is both positive and constructive, being helped to learn new skills, and being praised and recognized for accomplishments.

What does an engaged employee look like?

Better business results result from engaged employees. But what does an engaged employee look like? 

Employee engagement is based on:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Mutual communication
  • Mutual respect
  • Constructive feedback
what is employee engagement


Great work relationships are based on trust. That goes both ways – the employee has to trust the employer and the employer has to trust their employees. That can mean talking about specific goals, sharing ideas and plans as well as expected outcomes.


Integrity is based solely on having strong morals and being honest about them. This is where company culture shines through the most, because oftentimes integrity is what employees are looking for while searching for a company to work with. For many it is important to be able to have integrity in the work environment.


Engaged employees are loyal to their employer and productive. They do not go around looking for other opportunities for their own gain disregarding the company. An engaged employee loves their job and is willing to stay loyal to it.

Mutual communication

The next quality of an engaged employment is mutual workplace communication. It affects a company’s success and employee engagement. Companies frequently undervalue how important it is to develop two-way relationships with employees. Within a corporation, two-way communication fosters trust and boosts engagement, productivity, and work satisfaction.

Mutual respect

All employees can feel appreciated in the workplace when there is mutual respect for each other’s accomplishments, skills, and attributes. Being respected and valued at work supports the development of an environment where staff members are engaged, loyal, and driven to give their all.

Constructive feedback

Engaged employees are open to discussion which means there should be an opportunity to share feedback. This, once again, goes both ways. Engaged employees should feel free to give feedback where it’s needed and be welcoming to receive the same about their performance.

In conclusion

Employee engagement is something every company strives to get from their employees. Engaged employee is somebody who is loyal to their company, trustworthy, and respectful. 

Just how engaged employees can help the company grow in a healthy way, disengaged employees lack the motivation to do so. Therefore it is very important to evaluate your employees to see if they’re offering enough engagement on a daily basis. 

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