Why employee recognition is important

Remember the feeling of putting your whole energy, heart and soul in a certain work project. The feeling after accomplishing it is amazing. However it is even more amazing when others notice too. This is why it is important to realize why employee recognition is important.

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In this article we will discuss some of the top reasons why employee recognition is important to include into company culture. 

Recognition makes employees want to stick around

You don’t want to stay long in a workplace where your efforts are constantly unappreciated and overlooked. It is only normal and predictable that undervalued employees will eventually want to look for other jobs where their contribution to the work will be appreciated and praised when it is earned.

Employees are more engaged, motivated, and ready to go above and beyond for their employer when they feel valued and recognized. Studies show that organizations with formal recognition programs see 31% lower voluntary turnover than those without such initiatives.

Recognized employees are happy and motivated

As the phrase goes, not everyone brings their work home with them. However, the majority of us do bring some of the emotions we experience at work or in client meetings home with us. That is in our human nature, therefore it is only expected to feel valued in the workplace. 

Employees feel good about what they do and they carry that feeling with them when you let them know you see and value their efforts. When you take the time to illustrate how much of a measurable impact they are having on your company, it makes them feel like what they do matters.

Recognized employees are happy employees, and that will inevitably lead to the company’s success. 

employee recognition is important

Create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

It’s fantastic when you can rely on your coworkers and know they have your back. On the other hand, it’s toxic to feel that your team is constantly competing with one another or secretly supporting rivalry. The frigid climate makes the workers unhappy. 

Burned out is far worse. Peer-to-peer recognition is particularly effective at fostering trust and respect between coworkers. As a result, a welcoming, cordial, and collaborative environment of the opposite type is produced.

Recognition can be a way of team building

It is more crucial than ever to offer opportunities for employees to engage with one another. To form reliable working connections in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive corporate environment of today.

Employee recognition serves to foster a sense of friendship and teamwork that can serve as the cornerstone for a strong, productive workplace. It is giving employees a platform to be acknowledged and rewarded for their work. Employee appreciation can also aid in locating and promoting unique talent and ingenuity.

In conclusion

Understanding why employee recognition is important is a step in the right direction. Consider how it feels to receive words of flattery intended to “warm you up” in order to grasp the genuine meaning of recognition. It feels fantastic at best but isn’t sincere. At worst, it comes across as dubious and manipulative.

Therefore, executives and managers need to change their way of thinking in order to deliver the bottom-line benefits like greater engagement and productivity.

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