The Top 5 Employee Recognition Software for International Businesses

Employee recognition is important in a global business setting. It helps to keep employees motivated, engaged, and productive.

The right recognition software can make it easier for international companies to manage their employee recognition programs no matter where they are or what time it is. But with so many options, choosing the right one can be tough.

This article includes the following sections of employee engagement software:

This article will give you an overview of the top 5 employee recognition software solutions for international businesses and what they offer.

Kudos – Give and Receive Recognition on a Global Scale

kudos engagement software

Spread some positivity and appreciation with Kudos, the employee recognition software that connects colleagues from all over the globe. Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, Kudos makes it a breeze for employees to give each other a virtual pat on the back for a job well done. With its straightforward and easy-to-use interface, recognizing your peers has never been more fun!

Features of Kudos

  • Multi-language support – Kudos supports multiple languages, making it ideal for international companies with a diverse workforce.
  • Customizable recognition programs – Companies can create custom recognition programs that align with their business objectives and values.
  • Integration with other tools – Kudos integrates with a variety of tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace, making it easy to use within existing workflows.

Fond – The Ultimate Employee Recognition Solution

company recognition software fond

Fond is an employee rewards program that allows employees to send points to each other along with recognition for their hard work, major accomplishments, and more. These points can be redeemed for incredible rewards and corporate perks on the Fond platform, and never expire, even if an employee leaves or is dismissed.

Say goodbye to tedious reward programs and hello to Fond – the easiest and most straightforward way to reward your employees. Fond offers multi-language support, making it ideal for international businesses to create memorable experiences for their global workforce.

Features of Fond

  • Reward your employees – with thousands of items and experiences available globally, including company-branded swag, charitable donations, gift cards, and more;
  • Social Recognition – Share recognition moments within Fond’s global social feed, allowing your workforce to see who is being recognized and why.
  • Customizable Recognition – Customize your rewards and recognition events to align with your company’s unique values and culture.
  • Analytics and Metrics – Track the success of your rewards program, view metrics, and analyze data, all from your Rewards dashboard.
  • Mobile Rewards – Send and receive recognition on-the-go and foster a culture of appreciation at work.
  • Integration with HRIS Systems – Quickly implement Fond using its integrations with HR systems like Workday, ADP, Namely and many others, as well as social tools like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and Slack.
  • Fond Perks – Save extra with rewards points by redeeming hundreds of curated corporate discounts on travel, fitness, wellness, and more on the Fond platform.

15five – Empower your people to achieve the extraordinary

15five software

15Five is a great employee recognition software for international businesses due to its comprehensive features that cater to the unique needs of global organizations. The software is designed to help organizations tap into the pulse of their workforce and measure employee engagement levels.

This feature makes it possible for organizations to quickly identify what’s working and what’s not, and then take action to drive engagement outcomes.

Features of 15FIVE

  • Measure & Perform – 15Five helps organizations to measure and support the performance of their employees. The software provides managers with the tools they need to elevate their team’s performance and inspire growth. Its OKRs and goal setting feature makes it easier than ever to clarify and track the top objectives for everyone across the organization. This helps to move everyone forward together and focus on what truly matters.
  • Upskill managers – 15Five also offers a blended learning solution designed to upskill managers and turn them into leaders who know how to drive performance and employee engagement. The software’s Manager Training and Coaching Hub provides a flexible and scalable approach to meet the needs of the company and its entire manager cohort
  • Employee feedback – moreover, 15Five offers real-time feedback and employee recognition features that allow teams to achieve more and be inspired to perform at their best. The software also integrates with HRIS systems and social tools like Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, and Slack, making it easy to implement and use..

Reflektive – Double your retention with meaningful recognition

reflektive performance managment platform

Reflektive is a great employee recognition software for international businesses because it offers a comprehensive solution for recognizing and appreciating the efforts of employees.

The software integrates with popular communication platforms such as Slack, email, and Reflektive itself, allowing for seamless recognition and appreciation no matter where employees are located.

Features of Reflektive

  • Employee Recognition – A platform that enables employees to recognize and show appreciation for their team members, promoting a culture of engagement and valuing employees.
  • Works Where You Work – Can be integrated with Slack, email, or Reflektive, making it easy for employees to give recognition anytime, anywhere.
  • Recognition Wall – A platform to view, comment, edit, and attach photos of recognition, tying recognition to corporate values with custom hashtags.
  • Company-Wide Alignment -Helps to align company recognition with company values, and provides a platform to view historical feedback in performance review and check-in forms.
  • Performance Conversations – Integrates recognition directly into performance conversations, helping to mitigate recency bias and improve review accuracy.
  • Double Retention – Aims to double employee retention with meaningful recognition.

Achievers – Recognition is the #1 driver of employee retention

achievers employee recognition

Achievers is a great employee recognition software for international businesses due to its multifaceted solution and its ability to drive employee retention.

With a 2.5x higher likelihood of retaining employees, Achievers Recognize fuels company culture, highlights company values, and reinforces priorities through high-frequency and high-impact recognition.

Features of Achievers

  • User-friendly platform – achievers has a proven high-usage platform, as shown by the 17+ million recognitions sent in 2021. Achievers Recognize integrates seamlessly across workplace applications, allowing for a single, high-impression platform to activate diverse value recognition and reward programs.
  • Best-in-class rewards program – with a large marketplace that is available in 150+ countries and offers products from over 2,500 brands in 27+ languages. The platform also includes an inclusive recognition program, allowing employees across the organization to recognize, reward, and celebrate their colleagues globally without the need to engage central HR or finance.
  • Budget friendly – the software empowers employees to recognize when and how they want through its flexible, modular recognition tools. The platform offers transparency in budget through its fair pricing model, which is significantly more attractive to 65% of companies compared to its competitors.


In conclusion, acknowledging the hard work and achievements of your employees is a crucial part of running a successful global business. With the right tools at your disposal, managing recognition programs across locations and time zones can be a breeze.

The five employee recognition software solutions we explored in this article each bring their own flavor to the table, from multi-language support and customizable recognition programs, to seamless integrations with other tools.

No matter what your specific needs may be – from giving and receiving recognition, to providing rewards, measuring employee engagement, or fostering a culture of appreciation – there’s a solution out there that’s perfect for you. So why wait? Give your employees the recognition they deserve, and watch as motivation and productivity soar.

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