Best examples of good company culture

If your business doesn’t have a strong company culture, you truly don’t have anything when it comes to hiring outstanding individuals. Contemporary job seekers believe corporate culture to be one of the most crucial criteria when evaluating career options. Therefore a good start is to be aware of some examples of good company culture. 

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Often employees are able to identify a poor company culture very quickly. The best thing we can do is learn from others and observe the company culture types of successful businesses. 

In this article we have compiled a list of our favorites – best examples of good company culture, brands that we all know and love.


google company culture

A list of best examples of good company culture almost seems incomplete without including Google. Since it has long been associated with culture, Google is the model for many of the perks and advantages that startups are now renowned for. 

Some of the perks Google offers are what follows:

  • complimentary meals, 
  • company outings and events, 
  • cash bonuses, 
  • public presentations by top executives, 
  • gyms, 
  • a dog-friendly atmosphere etc.

Google employees are well-known for being driven, talented, and among the finest.

Maintaining a consistent culture across the brand’s various departments as well as across Google’s headquarters has proven challenging. The company has developed and the organization has spread out. A company’s culture changes more as it grows in order to accommodate additional workers and the need for management. Always updating your company culture is the key to success.

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zoom company culture

Zoom is a well known platform for collaboration, chat, webinars, and video and audio conferencing. According to Steve Snyder, account executive at Zoom, “the Happiness Crew maintains the company culture at each location through events, celebrations, community involvement, and volunteering.”

Yes, the business set up a team called the Happiness Crew with the goal of preserving its small-team atmosphere as it expands. Teams from various organizations get together to volunteer for regional causes. Before their first day, new hires from all over the world gather for a training session to form connections and become familiar with the business and its culture. 

New employees are matched with a mentor as soon as they begin in order to learn more about corporate culture and outreach. What makes Zoom’s company culture outstanding is that the company is actively working to develop its culture. 

For example, candidates frequently mention a loved one during interviews when asked “who motivates you”. Therefore, the company holds gatherings for folks to bring their parents or children to work so that coworkers may get to know the individuals who motivate their teammates.


examples of good company culture

This next example of ours is a flourishing startup that consistently ranks among the top workplaces in New York City. “Open and innovative” best describes the company culture there. In SquareSpace there are no (or very few) tiers of management between employees and executives in this organization. 

This strategy is more typical among startups and can be challenging to maintain as a firm develops larger, usually necessitating the formation of groups.

SquareSpace also provides a wide range of benefits and extras, such as:

  • full health insurance coverage, 
  • flexible vacation policies, 
  • attractive office space, 
  • catered meals, 
  • stocked kitchens, 
  • monthly celebrations, 
  • chill out areas, 
  • occasionally guest lecturers etc.

These kinds of reliable advantages support a culture, but they don’t create a successful culture exclusively. Direct access to management and approachable leaders both have a significant impact. When managers don’t muff their voices under layers of bureaucracy, employees feel that their opinions can be heard. 

Employee confidence and morale are both increased by this degree of independence and empowerment.


meta company culture example

Like Google, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has experienced explosive expansion and is noted for its distinctive company culture.

  • Plenty of food, 
  • stock options, 
  • open office space, 
  • on-site laundry, 
  • a focus on teamwork and open communication, 
  • a competitive environment that stimulates personal growth and learning,
  • excellent benefits.

These are just a few of the perks that Meta offers, as do many comparable businesses.

But, Meta has the same issues as other businesses of a comparable size: a fiercely competitive market results in a sometimes demanding and aggressive workplace. Therefore, an organic and free organizational structure that was effective for the smaller organization is less effective for the larger one.

Meta has built conference rooms, distinct buildings, lots of outdoor roaming space for breaks, and management – including CEO Mark Zuckerberg – working in the open office space with other employees to address these difficulties. 

In an effort to foster a sense of equality among the competitors, a flat organizational culture is being attempted.


pixar company

Everyone who is reading this article has presumably seen an animated film produced by Pixar. It’s a business that thrives on innovation and offers a new perspective on daily living. And their company culture reflects this exactly.

The company is built on collaboration, but not in the conventional sense. Meetings aren’t actually necessary, and when they can be avoided, they are. They do, however, hold brief daily meetings when everyone presents the projects they are working on.

These are Pixar’s established priorities:

  • Even over revolutionary ideas, intelligent people;
  • Believe in people more than the process;
  • Create community instead of free agency;
  • Imagination triumphs even despite conformity.

For example, at Pixar they have days called Notes, which are exactly what they sound like. For a few days, workers take a break from their jobs, and the entire business divides into various groups. Everyone tries to find a solution to a separate issue, which is typically entirely unconnected to the work they do on a daily basis.

Even though Pixar is not your usual remote brand with cool benefits, they undoubtedly set the bar when it comes to describing a workplace where everyone is encouraged to be creative.


examples of good company culture

Twitter used to be at the top of the list due to its fantastic company culture. But sadly, it is now serving as an illustration of how a shift in culture can alter how a company is perceived by the public. What Twitter previously was has altered as a result of recent changes in ownership and management.

Before Elon Musk, Twitter employees were gushing about the workplace atmosphere. The praise was sparked by rooftop meetings, amiable coworkers, and a team-oriented environment where everyone was driven by the company’s objectives.

At the San Francisco headquarters, Twitter employees could also anticipate free meals, yoga courses, and limitless vacation time for some. In the startup industry, benefits like these and many others are commonplace. But what distinguishes Twitter?

Talk among workers about how much they like being around smart people would not end. Employees gushed about working for a corporation that was making a difference in the world, and it seemed like nobody would quit until the job was finished.

All things considered, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has had a negative impact on workplace culture. As revenue problems have resulted in widespread layoffs, increased workloads, and budget cuts for previous employee perks. We wanted to include an example as such for a reason. Company culture is truly what holds the company together, and when it changes, the business feels that too.

In conclusion

If there is one thing that unites all of these excellent corporate culture examples, it is that they all prioritize putting people first. 

These businesses have a genuine concern for their staff and strive to create environments that are wonderful in which to work and live. Instead than presuming what is best for their people, they achieve this by providing them with the rewards and perks that they actually desire.

Now that you’ve read about our picks for the best examples of good company culture, what are yours?

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