Internal communication and employee engagement: a connection that matters

One of the most crucial factors in your company’s productivity and expansion is employee engagement. To maximize the potential of your team, it is important to recognize the connection between internal communication and employee engagement.

Internal communication is how employees interact with their company and one another. And employee engagement is how connected they feel to their company. Both of those are closely related. Employees who are highly engaged communicate more than those who are not because effective communication encourages increased involvement.

So in this article let’s figure out the connection between internal communication and employee engagement, and find out why it matters so much.

Internal Communications Role in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a result of consistent efforts to learn about your employees’ priorities and foster a supportive workplace environment. 

Let’s assume, for reference purposes, that email is the most popular tool for internal communications. Email communications need to be given top priority if you’re serious about raising employee engagement.

A thorough internal communications plan will assist you in outlining your employee engagement objectives. It also provides advice on how to engage your workforce, and allows you to track your progress. You’ll be able to identify your best communication techniques for raising engagement.

Internal communication strategies for raising engagement

Every individual is unique, just as every company is. Strategies for employee engagement that may succeed with one group of workers may fail miserably with another. Understand how they will fit into your company’s present internal communications climate when deciding which employee engagement strategies to undertake.

The most effective strategies will boost your current internal communications methods to make them more efficient and interesting rather than attempting to generate engagement from nothing. It’s helpful to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can assess over time to see if your plans are effective, like with any company effort.

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Here are some of our favorite internal communication strategies for raising engagement!

Internal communication and employee engagement

Gather employee feedback

Do you want to know what drives your employees? Simply ask them! One of the quickest and most efficient ways to understand employee thoughts and what matters most to them is to ask them for feedback.

Employee feedback can come in a variety of formats, but when it is regularly included in internal communications, it encourages employees to develop the habit of expressing their thoughts.

 This offers two advantages that boost employee engagement:

  1. Your employees have the opportunity to share their opinions and have a say in choices that affect them personally and professionally.
  2. Your company obtains useful understanding of how your workers feel about a variety of issues, which helps you come up with stronger employee engagement strategies.

Employee input can be gathered through questionnaires about employee engagement. Fast and easy!

The secret to engagement is consistency

Whether you like it or not, your workforce are humans and are creatures of habit. One’s mind is freed from distractions by a regular pattern, which enables them to concentrate more on what they are doing than on scheduling their time.

Provide internal communications to your workers on an ongoing basis, no matter what. Make sure to send email newsletters and other emails on a regular timetable, whether it be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Your staff will be aware of what to anticipate when in this manner.

To ensure consistency in worker emails, you can combine a calendar for internal communications with scheduled email sending.

Create personalized communication

Nobody enjoys receiving an email that is clearly intended for thousands of additional recipients. You should have no trouble making this choice because personalized emails with unique subject lines have a substantially greater open rate than those that don’t.

You can tailor the subject line and body copy of your emails based on the recipient by using merge tags. Your email engagement can significantly increase as a result of this one action. Your organization will be more up to date on the most recent news and announcements at your company if more employees are reading your emails.

In conclusion

There are endless ways to increase employee engagement at your organization, so pick strategies that will resonate with your team and fit with your existing corporate culture. We hope you now have a wealth of fresh ideas for how to improve employee engagement and internal communication.

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