How good internal communication looks in 2023

The goal of internal communications (IC) is to ensure efficient communication within an organization. It means creating and delivering messages and campaigns on behalf of management and improving communication. 

This could include anything from making employees aware of a new rule or future event to conducting an engagement or culture evaluation throughout the entire organization. Although many divisions within an organization are capable of doing inter communication, it is typically the duty of the HR, marketing, or PR departments.

Our workforces don’t appear the same as they did in the past. It is now 2023 and internal communicators face a variety of fresh difficulties as a result of technological advancements, globalization, and COVID’s consequences. 

In this article we will find out how good internal communication looks in 2023 – what are the new trends that are now more important than ever before.

Technology plays a huge role in IC

When internal communications are successful, employees are satisfied, effective, and productive, which enhances the employee experience. When internal communications are unsuccessful, however, employees are confused, unproductive, and disengaged from corporate initiatives. The biggest trend in IC is using technologies.

When you think about it, the extent to which technology has impacted offices worldwide is simply astounding. Tools such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation and big data analytics are something that successful companies are implementing in their daily routines.

With the help of these cutting-edge tools, businesses will increase their productivity, broaden their customer bases, and compete in a world where more and more people are going digital. According to estimates, the use of robotics and algorithms might result in the creation of 133 million new jobs, as well as the displacement of 75 million existing ones.

For example, digital signages can be a great way to boost internal communication in an organization. The company can place meeting schedules, company news, photos of events and even some encouraging text on digital signages. Employees will be well informed as well as engaged through a variety of features that such a technological advancement can provide.

Now is the time to focus on employee experience, and technology can be a big help in that.

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Remote work is becoming increasingly more popular

It’s a fact that remote and hybrid working will continue to be popular across many industries. Your involvement in internal communications is more crucial than ever.

Many workers today primarily communicate with leadership, managers, and coworkers via screens. This indicates that for some of us, internal communications constitute the primary form of communication with our employers. Internal communications are essential to building a solid company culture in addition to providing workers with the information they need to execute their jobs.

Internal communications for remote teams must be clear, educational, and make full use of various digital channels. Employees also need to feel enthusiastic, empowered, and encouraged, thus not all workplace communications need to be about a specific task, objective, or policy.

Promote communication and connection through the Intranet, Zoom calls, and other existing channels.

Communication is becoming more visual than ever before

Your employees don’t have time to read a lengthy corporate communication since they are too busy executing their tasks. Delivering internal communications in ways that make it simple for employees to understand and remember the message is therefore a good idea.

The solution is visual communication, particularly video. When your message is presented to employees through engaging images, infographics, or video rather than a wall of text, they are significantly more likely to understand it. In actuality, more than 60% of workers perform jobs more effectively after viewing a video or a combination of text and visuals.

Try out various forms to discover which ones your audience responds to. Use video content from platforms like YouTube or TikTok as inspiration. There is no reason why a selfie video message couldn’t be used to announce a new policy or even a quarterly earnings report!

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Create virtual places for your employees to connect at

Create easier ways for workers to communicate with one another in 2023. Peer-to-peer communication can enable your employees to perform their best work in a variety of ways, including collaboration, knowledge sharing, mutual support, and feedback. Not to mention that it can relieve some of your managers’ workload!

Cross-talk of this nature already occurs; it would be wiser to keep it within your internal communications ecosystem.

For starters, peer-to-peer chat rooms within an organization are significantly more secure than personal email accounts or group messages used by employees. Also, it makes you more aware of how information is being shared among your workers. It also allows you to check its authenticity and keep an eye out for any unhelpful messages.

Establish specific avenues for communication amongst your team. That may be private Facebook groups for businesses, group chat rooms on Whatsapp or Slack, or Teams channels. 

In conclusion

Internal communications in 2023 will focus on fostering connections between staff members and the company so they may share ideas and feel supported.

Successful communication must be engaging, practical, and intuitive. Focus on offering video material that your audience would love using the most practical way, such as mobile and instant messaging software.

Now you know how good internal communication looks in 2023 in our opinion!

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