What Is Digital employee engagement

In this digital age, employee engagement is becoming an increasingly popular and important concept in the corporate world. As companies strive to keep their employees motivated, engaged, and productive, digital employee engagement is becoming the go-to solution. 

In this article find out what digital employee engagement is, how does it work and why it is important.

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What is digital employee engagement?

Digital workplace is becoming more and more popular in today’s hybrid workplace. To explain, your digital workplace is where work gets done online and is analogous to your real workplace. And you should aim for the same experience in the digital sphere as you would in your actual employment.

So what actually constitutes engagement, and why should I care? We are aware that having a place where people can come to work may result in things getting done, but we want to aim further. 

If we consider the workplace in terms of a hierarchy of needs, we can see that there are:

  • table stakes (basic needs and wellbeing/safety) 
  • helping someone grow and feel a part of something larger (community/belonging, appreciation/recognition, and self-actualization such as purpose, passion, and fulfillment).

We aspire to provide a community where people may develop, flourish, connect, and discover meaning, passion, and fulfillment. In the end, we aim for the highest levels of employee engagement. And since everything is becoming digital nowadays, employee engagement is no different.

Digital employee engagement

Digital employee engagement – how does it work

Employees may communicate with one another without issues thanks to digital employee engagement platforms. In the end, these connections save your team time and effort that would be better used on genuine work. 

The potential of the workers is ultimately realized. The data contained in organizations is used by digital employee engagement platforms to create a directory of individuals that functions as a whole and is more than the sum of its parts. 

In summary, this digital platform acts as a practical and effective tool for establishing relationships that promote employee interests as well as the group goals of the organization.

How to improve your digital engagement?

Here we have compiled a list of ideas on how to improve your digital employee engagement.

Highlight the Values of Your Company

The purpose of your company is more than simply empty rhetoric plans. Creatively emphasizing them can be a great way to increase employee engagement. It is important to talk about the culture of your company – what are the goals, values, beliefs and so on.

Create an appreciation movie that details how each time an employee or department does something to support your mission statement or move you closer to your corporate objectives. The secret is to constantly remind employees of the purpose of their job and how it advances their shared and individual goals.

Digital employee engagement

Show recognition

Praise has a lot of power, especially when stated publicly in front of others. However be aware that some employees prefer private recognition. More on this read in our article Private VS Public recognition.

First things first, don’t wait too long to publicly recognize that person. Feelings of disappointment develop when excellent work is completed but not instantly praised. That makes those job positions at other companies more appealing.

Publishing a message over a common group on Discord, Slack, or any other software you use is essential. That will make sure that others are aware of the appreciation being presented in a digital setting. By adding a comment or further appreciation for a job well done, you can entice your teammates to contribute more.

Use the approach of gamifying engagement

All work and no play makes Tom a dull boy, and working from home just emphasizes this. Instead of those awkwardly quiet online happy hours, organize something that will involve the entire team. Maybe even persuade them to accept invitations to more happy hours. There are many ways to gamify your engagement which can be very fun.

A good idea is to create your own games, whether they are for Slack, Teams, or Google Hangouts. The goal is to get your coworkers to talk to each other about things other than work. It creates a culture that values teamwork and works wonders as an icebreaker for new hires.

In conclusion

All in all, it is clear to see that it’s important to raise digital employee engagement. We hope the suggestions made in this article will help you foster a collaborative atmosphere even if you are not sharing an office space. 

Always keep in mind that an engaged employee is a happy, productive employee. No matter how little the effort, every step you take to increase engagement is worthwhile.

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