Relatable company culture memes

Company culture memes are sometimes what gets us through a tough corporate situation. It is healthy to have a laugh and be able to look at your workplace through humor. Haven’t we all experienced a situation at work that seems simply so bizarre it is worth a collective laugh?

In this blog post we encourage looking at some company culture memes to talk about important topics and do so with a pinch of humor involved.

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Modern offices – trendy or actually helpful?

Company culture memes

One of the biggest accents in modern company cultures is put on the interior design of the workspace. It is understandable that everybody wants to work in  a modern office, often an open spaced area. The visual work environment is definitely something that motivates employees and lets them work more productively. 

This meme highlights the fact that oftentimes these modern offices go above and beyond in making sure the workplace looks presentable. With all of the beanbags, ping pong tables – the question is, is it more important than, for example, raising employee salaries?

When company culture is on fire and everybody can tell

company culture

Have you ever worked in an office where morale is low, and the overall atmosphere is negative? You may have noticed a lack of motivation, productivity, and creative thinking. This is because bad company culture can have a direct and damaging effect on everyone in the office. 

In this meme it is clear to see that once the company culture is unorganized and overall bad, everybody feels it. It is a totally different thing to go and try to change it, because employees might not feel qualified enough to report that to the corporate. Therefore everybody can tell that the company culture is lacking, however pretends to be fine with it.

Should innovation be a part of the company culture?

innovation in company

The modern business world is constantly evolving, and today’s companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of innovation in their company culture. At the end of the day, innovation is the lifeblood of any successful organization. It’s the key to staying ahead of the competition, staying ahead of the curve, and keeping your customers satisfied. 

Yet, most companies struggle with innovation – either because they don’t understand its importance or because they don’t know how to foster it. In this meme it is seen that often employees try to convince the corporation of some innovative ideas yet they are not accepted. 

Unreachable bosses

effective communication

As the modern workplace evolves, so too does the importance of effective communication. Communication is the cornerstone of successful businesses and organizations, providing a direct link between teams, departments, and individuals. As seen in the company culture meme above, communication isn’t always as it should be.

Haven’t we all at some point struggled to reach somebody in the company, especially of higher authority? It is obvious that good communication can help foster innovation and creativity, and it can strengthen relationships between employees and employers. So that is something to think about. 

Company culture should always be defined – but is it in reality?

definition of good company culture

Another example of company culture memes is about the company culture in general. Creating a company culture that is engaging, effective, and understood by your employees is essential for any successful business. It is not only a way to define your organization’s identity, it is also a tool to unify and motivate your employees. 

Of course, it all starts from the leaders of the company – they are the ones to establish a company culture and make sure everybody is on the same page, so to say. A strong company culture can lead to improved employee morale, productivity, and retention. But if nobody is aware of the exact company culture values, problems arise.

Idea sharing as a part of company culture

sharing ideas in a company

Sharing ideas in the workplace can be daunting, but it is critical to the success of a company. It is the foundation for creativity, innovation and collaboration. When employees are encouraged to share their ideas, the company culture is enriched, new solutions to problems are discovered, and everyone benefits from the collective efforts. 

Often company culture memes show that idea sharing in a company is quite scary because it gets punished. We want to highlight the fact that it’s so important to foster a culture of open dialogue and brainstorming. And most important of all – it has to be done effectively. 

We love a good company culture

company culture memes

As a business owner or leader, you know that having a good company culture is essential to the success of your organization. It’s the foundation of a strong, productive, and engaged workforce, and it’s the cornerstone of a successful business. 

Therefore we are all for a good company culture, as should every employee and employer be. As the poker playing cat in the meme above goes, we are ALL in! 

In conclusion

company memes

As a new job seeker, you should strongly consider the company culture of the place you’re applying to. That is one of the top values that you should be looking for. At the end of the day, nothing is as important as finding a company that you share values and goals with.

If you don’t believe us, just look at these company culture memes. They speak for themselves. 🙂 

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