Recognize employees with digital signage

Due to its ability to be scaled, digital signage that can be used for corporate communications may let your organization, regardless of size, communicate immediately with your target audience. One way you can use this tool is to recognize employees with digital signage and all the benefits it offers.

In our other article on How to improve internal communication with digital signage we covered the ground on what digital signages are. As well as how they benefit in a corporate setting. 

However in this article we will focus more on the ways you can recognize your employees with digital signage.

Digital recognition ways

Recognizing accomplishments using employee communications digital signage is one of the easiest methods to raise morale in the workplace and promote productivity. Whether it’s a milestone at work, a birthday, or a focus on a particular accomplishment, supporting your team shows that you value all of their effort. 

As a result, additional workers are inspired to put in hard work. Also, it demonstrates that a corporation cares about the efforts and requirements of its employees, fostering a sense of belonging among staff members.

Let’s face it, the effect of a passing compliment fades quickly. Consider this. Even if your manager compliments you on a job well done, you’ve likely forgotten about it by the following day. Simply said, writing praise down and posting it on a digital signage for everyone to see has more of an impact than speaking it out. 

Also, it will make the team member in question feel good every time they pass by or look up to see their name displayed clearly on one of your digital screens.

How to digitally recognize employees?

There are literally hundreds of apps you can use with your office’s digital signage. Find one that fits your company’s goals the most. One that you can easily find the team member you want to commend on. Make sure you can easily and quickly publish some encouraging words or even multimedia to express your gratitude.

Beyond simply boosting employee recognition concepts, digital signage accomplishes more. Digital screens are modernizing a wide range of businesses, whether they are used as tablets at employees’ desks, digital bulletin boards, or meeting room signs.

Make sure to find the right app for employee recognition. The act of recognizing your employees has never been faster and more simple!

There are many types of recognition therefore you can always pick one that matches your visual idea. More on that in our article 6 types of employee recognition.

Recognize employees with digital signage

Try creating employee wall of fame

We don’t simply live in a visually-oriented environment; in the job, using visuals is practically required. Your workforce desires to be appreciated, valued, and helped. There are four creative employee appreciation ideas we’ve thought of that will go over well at the water cooler and beyond!

All of us have seen the “employee of the month” images displayed in big box retailers and supermarket stores. Or those wooden plaques with little metal name tags that are inscribed. But what if you went a little farther with that?

Create a distinctive digital employee wall of fame to attract delighted employees by being bold and huge. To identify each employee, consider attaching some personalization which with digital signages is easier than ever before. 

When it comes to employee engagement, name recognition is really important. By integrating the name of your business and corporate logos, this form of picture will also help you brand your corporate premises. But feel free to add some photos too!

In conclusion

There are ways to recognize employees with digital signage in very simple order. The most important thing is that your employees get recognized regularly. Whether you do it publicly or privately, is totally up to the company values and budget. 

Be aware that some people prefer private recognition over public ones. For more intel on that read our article about The difference between private vs public recognition.

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