Outdoor team building activities

Games, competitions, and exercises for employees that take place outside are known as outdoor team building activities. Field days of hiking, quests and walking tours are some examples of such activities. These activities are done to increase teamwork, trust, and community while getting some sunshine and fresh air. 

As we learned in our article about great after-work team building activities, those can be very different. You can see that article for other ideas.

However in this article we will focus on outdoor team building activities that will let your employees strengthen their bond as well as get to know each other in a different setting.

1. A game of paintball

Outdoor team building activities

An enjoyable and competitive outdoor activity for your team is paintball. The group divides into teams and attempts to hit opponents with painted balls of various colors in this game. You can choose to count the hits at the end of the game or play where one hit eliminates an opponent from the round.

For your games, we suggest going to a paintball range or field because it will already have everything you need.

A good alternative could be a water balloon toss. Fill up a lot of water balloons, divide into two teams, and gently toss the balloons back and forth. However, after each successful exchange, you must take a huge step back. Who survives the longest wins.

2. Mini golf

team mini golf

One of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for teams is miniature golf. Your group can create their own course or play at a nearby mini golf course. Each team plays with obstacles while using specific colored clubs and balls. Encourage your team members to take amusing unposed or posed pictures at each hole.

Keep score as the game progresses. The victorious team should then receive a trophy and the week’s worth of bragging rights.

3. Street quests in your city

street quest

Another fun idea for outdoor activities for teambuilding is real time quests in the city. We are so used to in-door quests, also called escape rooms. However there are also outdoor ones that serve not only as a fun team building exercise but as a way to discover something new in the city you work and/or live in.

A good example is a mobile game called Street Quest. In the mobile game Street Quest, you must unlock the destinations by resolving various puzzles. Puzzles have a distinct backstory and are tied to the real environment around you. You will get the ability to go throughout the city and discover new locations. 

They offer quite a fun adventure, besides, they often take care of corporate events such as team building exercises. Might be worth checking it out if you live in the location!

4. Graffiti activity

graffiti team building

Legal graffiti could be a very fun art project to include in your team building event. First, find a location. Get a canvas for your team’s graffiti project, such as a wall that can be painted over or one that will soon be torn down, a car headed for the scrapyard, or a piece of sheetrock. 

After that, give teams the freedom to spray paint and tag the canvas. It’s a good idea to create stencils, but if your employees are talented, they can also freehand the designs.

The group can even team up to develop a single design or to fill the area with a collage of original designs.

5. Outdoor team building picnic

team employee picnic

A traditional outdoor workplace team activity is having a picnic. Reserve a large open area, like a park or a field close to the office, before you start organizing your event. Next, provide picnic tables or instruct your staff to bring lawn chairs and blankets. 

And then get everything you need when it comes to food. You could either have the picnic catered and offer various snacks, sandwiches and other picnic favorites. Or you can have everyone bring their favorite meal. Ask everyone to contribute something and share their picnic favorites!

To keep employees interested and engaged during the outing, organize games, pump up the music, and hold different office competitions.

6. Kayaking/Canoeing

engaged team activity outdoors

And another great team building activity for the team that loves experiencing outdoors in an active way, is kayaking. An alternative is canoeing which can be equally fun. You could set up a route or simply offer a beginner friendly location first so your employees can figure out if they love this activity.

Canoeing and kayaking are excellent methods to introduce your coworkers to outdoor team building. Just keep in mind the competence and comfort levels in your company to ensure that everyone feels secure. Check your local listings for kayak rentals; the majority are found in well-liked paddling locations.

7. Sports day

Outdoor team building activities

Plan a fun-filled sports day! Divide up into several teams and take part in a wide range of activities taking place all day. It can be anything from sports games to doing the longest jump, fastest sprint etc.

One of the best outdoor team-building sports is volleyball. All you need to play this game is a net and a volleyball or beach ball. Your match can be set up in a field, beach, or parking lot. The main rule is to keep the ball from touching the ground or leaving the field of play. A volleyball match requires a lot of teamwork to win which is an amazing goal to have!

8. Outdoor cinema night

outdoor cinema with colleagues

Outdoor movies are a fantastic way to bring your staff together. The movie can be shown on the side of a white wall, a screen, or a sheet by ordering a cheap projector online. Teammates can sit in their vehicles, lawn chairs, or blankets to watch the movie. All depends on the chosen location.

Setting up a free snacks booth with treats like popcorn, ice cream, and candy is a smart idea. You could even stop the movie to play themed trivia games to make the movie more engaging.

In conclusion

For the chance to spend the workday outside, employees frequently look forward to participating in outdoor team building exercises. Inhaling fresh air and soaking up the sun are excellent ways to re-energize your crew. The group could gain a much-needed refresh of their mindset and energy boost thanks to the change of location.

Not to mention, there are lots of quick and enjoyable outdoor team activities to choose from. The options for entertainment are essentially endless.

We hope these outdoor activities for team building that we provided will be fun for you to try out!

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