Fun company culture ideas – 6 activities for company improvement 

Offering fun workplace activities to your employees will make them happier professionals. Activities that promote a company’s values, beliefs, and behaviors are known as culture boosters. Therefore fun company culture ideas could be a thing to consider. 

For example, hosting a vision board party, making a donation to a charity, and providing opportunities for professional growth are a few examples of these ideas. These actions have a massive impact on an organization’s culture and employee morale. Especially, as your team grows, culture-building exercises boost employee engagement.

In this article we have compiled a list of 6 of our favorite fun company culture ideas – activities that are fun and useful for company culture improvement. 

1. Donation to a charity

Creating a charitable culture has many benefits. Starting with the fact that having a positive impact is exactly what we all want, it has a domino effect on the entire organization. Businesses that frequently give back to the community typically have happier employees.

A charitable donation might be made to the employee’s preferred charity. You can either organize a fundraiser or use company funds to make the donation. For instance, if your employer requires uniforms or has a restrictive dress code, start a “casual dress campaign”. Then coworkers can donate money to charity in exchange for being allowed to come to work in casual outfits.

2. Vision board party

Another one from fun company culture ideas is a vision board party. Participants create and envision their aspirations at a vision board party. 

For example, vision board celebrations for the new year are huge. A vision board party at work is a good way to mix strategy and fun. Employees can design their own team or working environment. The office could close sooner than normal. To create their own boards, your employees will need poster boards, magazines, glue, tape, craft supplies, and markers.

This activity provides an opportunity to think about your employees’ preferences at work rather than just another culture-building exercise. To better satisfy their expectations, you might adjust your leadership style and staff involvement strategies. You can post the finished vision boards all across the office once everyone has done them.

employee vision boards

3. Regular team lunches

One of the best working culture group activities and a fantastic approach to develop relationships is eating together. Depending on your budget, there are many team meal implementation strategies.

Consider feeding the team, for instance, once per week or once per month. The complimentary meal will be a good perk for the staff and lessen their food costs just a little. 

If hosting a meal for the entire business is not possible, think about organizing frequent picnics instead. With this method, team members bring food to share, and everyone sits down to a nice lunch. You are welcome to switch up the theme and highlight different food categories each month.

4. Implement open door policy

An open-door policy is one of the best culture strategies to pursue, especially among top management. This guideline does not imply that employees can reach the CEO at any time. Instead, leadership should set aside specific times during the week when team members can speak with them. That way there is no pressure or fear of interruption and bothering.

Designating aside certain hours motivates those with issues or suggestions to get their ideas together for a timely presentation. It has a benefit when senior staff members let junior staff members know they will pay attention to their thoughts.

5. Meme ranking game

Another fun culture improvement idea is one to do with team building exercises. For example, an activity for meme ranking. Ranking memes and GIFs is a fun and interesting game that employees could participate in. Also, the lists may be updated on a weekly or monthly basis.

Most people who use their computer or smartphone frequently are familiar with some odd and amusing memes and/or GIFs. Also, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know your employees better. 

A good idea is to bring memes that are work related. For example, pick some of our memes about workplace communication. It will be both fun and relatable.

Fun company culture ideas

6. Bring pets to the office

Many advantages of bringing pets to work have been highlighted in studies. That includes reduced stress and improved engagement and teamwork. Evidence suggests that pet-friendly companies are better capable of hiring and keeping employees who are happier and healthier.

For example, dogs make the workplace feel more laid back and enjoyable. They bring in the kind of positivity that everyone could use on a busy or a boring office day. 

Consider setting aside pet-friendly days or visiting hours to test the waters if you’re not yet ready to allow pets in the workplace full-time. For those who have pet allergies, you can also designate pet-free areas. In our opinion, the advantages of having pets in the workplace much exceed the occasional inconveniences of barking or messes.

In conclusion

Company culture is ever-evolving and changeable, so finding some fun company culture ideas is a good way to improve. To ensure that things don’t go old and stagnant, culture-shaping demands ongoing attention. 

We hope our tips were useful for your company and your team!

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