Employee recognition titles – types and ideas

As we love to talk about in this blog, employee recognition is an essential aspect of creating a positive company culture. Appreciating employees’ hard work can go a long way in boosting their overall job satisfaction. One effective way of recognizing employees is by creating recognition awards and using employee recognition titles in them. 

These titles are essentially honorific designations that acknowledge an employee’s achievements and contributions to the organization! By creating recognition awards, employers not only show appreciation for their employees but also create a sense of pride among them. It is a great way to make everybody feel included as well as work hard and be productive.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of employee recognition titles and their significance in a company.

Importance of recognition awards

Employee recognition titles are the official (or occasionally creative) terms that employers give to their staff members who perform better than others.

These titles highlight the accomplishments of the employee and serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of the team. Also, it distinguishes the worker as someone who is conscientious and has performed their duties with dedication from the rest of the workforce.

Moreover, awarding your employees is a crucial component of employee recognition programs. Depending on the convenience of the employer, these recognition titles are frequently presented at the end of the month or the year.

Besides, these recognition awards do not mean spending a ton of the company budget. There are plenty of low or no cost employee recognition ideas that would do just wonders in recognizing employees.

The most common types of recognition titles

Here are the most common types in which categories recognition awards are organized in.

1. Performance titles

Performance titles are mostly determined by how well an individual performs at work. The majority of employee recognition titles given out by employers are determined by the total performance of their staff.

By praising an employee for their work, you increase the standard for other employees to meet. That helps foster healthy competition at work in the process.

Performance recognition title examples:

  • Stand out Performer
  • Go That Extra Mile
  • President’s Circle
  • Sales Attainment Award
  • Chief Closer
  • Outstanding Service Record
  • Mountain mover
  • The Growth Driver
  • Incomparable Service Award
  • High Five Award
  •  Ace of Initiative
  • Cruising and Crushing It
  • SEO Star
  • Best Content Writer
  • People’s Champion
  • Eye for Talent
  • Lord of the Numbers
  • Mr./Ms. Beyond Expectations

The most equitable method to thank employees for their efforts is to reward them according to their performance. Also, it serves as inspiration for others to put in their best effort and win the title.

Employee recognition titles

2. Peer to peer recognition titles

The next titles are given peer to peer. These honors are given by the employees and employees only. They are the ones who select a colleague who has assisted them in achieving outstanding outcomes and has demonstrated trust, friendliness, dependability, loyalty, etc.

Peer to peer recognition title examples:

  • Perfect Sidekick
  • The True Gem
  • The Powerhouse
  • Flock’s Favorite
  • The BTS Performer
  • Associate Appreciation
  • Sidekick Salute
  • You’re a Gem
  • Ripple Effect Award
  • Key Contributor
  • The Silent Soldier

To some employees these recognition titles may seem even more important. Oftentimes creating the bond and trust with colleagues and team members is even more important.

This simply proves that everybody can be a part of the system, even when it comes to employee recognition committees, for example. 

3. Values titles

Employees shouldn’t just be evaluated based on their output. Employers must keep an eye on an employee’s conduct and work ethics as well as other crucial factors.

High effort, punctuality, and integrity among coworkers merit the same praise as good productivity. Also, these workers promote goodwill within the company by their professionalism and desire to provide superior service.

Values recognition title examples:

  • The Brainiac
  • Best Team Player
  • Caught in the Act of Caring Award
  • Shining Star Award
  • The Engagement Champion
  • The Hero With A Tie
  • The Trend Setter
  • The Heart of a Saint
  • Cloud 9 Collaborator
  • To The Moon and Back
  • The Moral Hero
  • The Hidden Gem
  • All Smiles
  • The People’s Choice

Values are often what makes up company culture. So be sure to award your employees who showcase the values and behaviors supported by the company culture.

4. Service titles

In today’s workplace, it might be challenging to find someone who is both dependable and hardworking. Employees that are committed to their organization are given a service or duration award. This award shows appreciation for an employee’s years of devoted service and honors it.

Also, you may design unique employee service awards based on how many years they have worked for the company. 

Service recognition title examples:

  • Calmer of Storms
  • The Distributor of Smiles
  • The Comforter of Customers
  • Customer Whisperer
  • The One Mile Down
  • The Running the Marathon
  • Client Comforter
  • Platinum Service Award
  • Consider it Done Award
  • Circle of Joy Award
  • The First-Class Performer
  • Winner of Hearts
  • Forever With Us

As seen in our examples, the service recognition titles are also often used for employees that work in service towards customers.

service recognition titles

5. New team member titles

When new team members believe they are a valuable part of an organization that values and values their contributions, they feel confident and thrive. 

As a result, they put in a lot of effort to make sure your business achieves its objectives, has a solid client base, and develops its employees into assets. So why not welcome the new employees the right way? They might also deserve a sense of welcoming team and a title!

These are a couple employee award names you can use to recognize high-achieving new personnel. Those can be employees that have done remarkably well within their first month, quarter, or year of joining the company.

New employee recognition title examples:

  • Rising Star
  • Bright Beginner
  • Top-Flight Award
  • Fresh Skills
  • Spotlight Award
  • New Kid on the Block
  • The Star Employee
  • Amazing Addition
  • Superb Showing
  • Rookie Rockstar
  • Notable Newcomer
  • Superstar Debut
  • Rookie of the Month
  • Budding Star
  • Exceptional Hire
  • Fast Starter
  • Here to Ace it

Being a new employee in a big company can be frightening. Therefore showing your new employees that you notice their hard work can be very rewarding and encouraging.

In conclusion

Awards for different kinds of achievements recognize an employee’s efforts and contributions and give them worth. More importantly, these employee recognition titles foster a supportive work environment and improve your company culture. 

They are also proof for employees that they can later brag about to their friends or peers. And why not spread some positive word around about your company culture valuing your employees? 

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