Do you need an employee recognition committee?

Employees desire fair treatment, the opportunity to contribute to the business through their job, as well as high compensation and benefits. They also want to feel respected and recognized for their efforts. To accomplish that, several employers develop recognition programs to congratulate staff for a variety of accomplishments as a way to show their appreciation. Then, an employee recognition committee might be created.

In this article find out what is employee recognition committee and what are their main responsibilities. And what’s even more important – does your company need one?

What is an employee recognition committee?

As we know from our articles, employees want to work in a company with a culture of recognition. It is important for any and every employee to be seen and heard. Which is why implementing an employee recognition committee should be considered if your business can afford to.

The responsibilities of a committee of such are: identification, development, and implementation of a departmental recognition program. You must decide who will serve on the committee when forming one for employee recognition. 

The main goal is to take care of inclusivity. The committee has to be made up of staff members, management, or both. For the recognition program to be successful overall, each group must be represented. Itn is important that the interests, suggestions, or preferences of each group are taken into account by having employees and management serve on the recognition committee. 

To guarantee that all chosen groups contribute to the recognition program, seek equal representation from each unit within a department if there are several.

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How to select the members of the recognition committee?

The process by which committee members are chosen for participation in the committee can go 3 ways.

The main choices are what follows:

  • Employees who want to participate on the committee can volunteer; 
  • employees in the department can elect members; 
  • or management can select members. 

The committee will need to designate a chair or co-chairs to oversee the creation and execution of the recognition program after choosing its members.

The committee must also decide on the duration of committee members’ terms of duty. Service terms may be as long as one year or as required. To ensure the onboarding of new members and the committee’s continuous operation, some committee members may need to serve lengthier terms.

Tips on creating employee recognition committee

To create opportunities for the employee to be acknowledged and rewarded, the employee recognition committee will need to determine the department’s recognition program objectives. 

Here are some crucial elements to bear in mind during this process:

  • The department’s goals for rewarding and recognizing performance at work should be met through the recognition program, which should also support those goals.
  • The program has to be related to the department’s mission statement, fundamental values, or corporate culture.
  • All departmental employees should be treated equally and with flexibility under the program.
  • The recognition program should adhere to all applicable corporate policies, including those governing paid administrative leave, taxation of special payments and employee rewards, and other policies pertaining to awards.

To succeed in this process, get input from the employees in the department. This can be accomplished by creating an employee survey to gather ideas for informal, formal, and other forms of recognition. 

That is such as retirement, birthdays, years of service, etc. As well as to highlight work habits and job performances to acknowledge and reward.

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In conclusion

Employee recognition programs have already been put in place by the majority of businesses that care about the experience of their employees. Too many of those, though, continue to ignore the importance and advantages of employee appreciation. Therefore creating an employee recognition committee is a great way of changing that.

Be the good in your company. Create a committee that will be able to make everybody feel valued and heard.

If you are interested in learning about other types of committees you could potentially have in your company, see our article on What Are The Main Employee Engagement Committee Responsibilities.

Thank you for reading our article!

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