What are company culture evaluation KPIs

Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking has long been an accepted business practice for assessing and enhancing worker performance. KPI tracking can, however, also be used to enhance the “company culture” of an organization.

Culture evaluation KPIs are an important part of measuring your company’s culture. But, as with anything else, there are right and wrong ways to do it. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at some easy to use company culture evaluation KPIs as well as learn what are company culture evaluation KPIs.

KPI tracking can strengthen company culture

There are a few strategies to improve and evaluate corporate culture via KPI tracking. Setting business and employee KPIs that encourage people to achieve excellence and foster a corporate culture that values individual success and outcomes is one strategy.

Tracking cultural KPIs within the organization is another way to see how strong the company’s culture is. Organizations can then implement adjustments that serve to strengthen their corporate culture using the data gathered on these business culture KPIs.

KPIs that can be used to measure company culture

There are multiple KPIs that can be used for company culture evaluation. Here are some of our favorites to recommend and use.


A great way to collect sincere input from your entire team is through surveys. Most likely, you already conduct regular employee engagement surveys. It can show you the general attitude of your staff and serve as a warning for any trends or problems.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t rely solely on surveys as your cultural metric. Based on the attitudes of the respondents,surveys may contain prejudice and inaccuracy. The best way to keep track of data about your company’s culture and personnel is to combine survey results with behavioral and relationship information gathered through other methods that are mentioned below.

Behavior tracking

Although culture itself can be difficult to quantify, its outputs, or behaviors, can be observed. Monitoring the frequency of the actions consistent with your values can be a useful way to gauge how strong your culture is.

You can develop culture measurements for your organization using the intended value-based behaviors. For instance, if sharing ideas is a behavior that is consistent with your value of innovation, you might ask managers and team leads to report on the frequency with which new ideas are shared. 

Your organizational values may not be being shared by your leaders, which could be the reason why your culture isn’t what you’d like it to be. You have two options in this situation: improve the way your team understands your values, or completely reevaluate them. 

company culture evaluation KPIs

KPI software

Another way of tracking your company culture is using KPI software of any kind. There are many different options out there suitable for any business small or big. 

Through the recognition and appreciation messages posted on the said platform, you can automatically measure important aspects of your culture. It can be including the value-based behaviors we just described, collaboration between individuals and departments, and contributions to morale. As well as data on relationships and behavior that is rich and valuable.

In conclusion

There are different kinds of company culture evaluation KPIs that can be used these days. We described some of them that can help you get insight into your team’s relationships, tasks accomplished and productivity levels. 

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