Family oriented company culture

Creating a family oriented company culture is essential for any business that wants to foster a supportive, positive, and productive work environment. With a culture that is focused on family values and encourages employees to feel like they are part of a larger community, businesses have the potential to create a stronger bond between employees and their workplace. 

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However, in this article we will learn more on what is family oriented company culture and what are the main benefits of it.

What is family oriented culture and why it matters

When coming to work, your employees surely expect more than just a paycheck. For many employees, the concepts of company and unity are essential to their personal success as well as the success of the entire company. 

In simpler terms – family oriented culture can mean 2 things:

  1. Employees and employers are a corporate family
  2. Family-first kind of company culture

1. Employees and employers are a corporate family

Great employees are the foundation for any organization’s efforts to grow and promote excellent performance. Your workforce requires a supportive atmosphere that values their opinions, shares similar values and objectives, and looks out for their best interests if they are to succeed. 

Many agree that a company will profit from creating a family oriented culture, where everybody feels like one big family.

Family oriented company culture focuses on:

  • Respect,
  • Shared objectives,
  • Good communication.

These points are based on interpersonal interactions. There are a lot of benefits to family oriented company culture. 

Some benefits of a workplace that feels like a family include the following:

  • Teams divide up the decision-making tasks;
  • There is a strong sense of identification and brotherhood;
  • Respect and listening are essential components of supervisor-staff communication;
  • Workers interact with one another and have the chance to offer suggestions and criticism.

2. Family-first kind of company culture

Another way in which a company can be family oriented, is one where the corporation supports a way of life where employees feel at ease making significant decisions about members of their home. Whereas in other organizations, they view your absence as a bad thing regardless of your reason. Family oriented culture may be a lot more understanding of absences that require you to care for the requirements of a child or elderly parent.

Also, the company can be family-run and owned. Then there is an undeniable family dynamic which is sort of a different topic. 

However, going back to the family-first aspect of this type of culture, it is especially beneficial for employees with kids. Companies that support family-oriented culture might encourage you to bring your kids for a quick visit or a tour of the workplace. They might organize activities for your family to enjoy at their company and so on.

Family oriented company culture

Ideas on how to implement family-oriented culture’s values

Fostering a family oriented company culture promotes solid team relationships. Those can lead to better dynamics that make it possible for employees to collaborate more successfully.

Here are some of our tips on how to implement this type of culture at your company.

Encourage honesty

Families promote honesty among its members – at least the kind that a business would wish to imitate. The same level of honesty should be fostered between employees and employers if you want to foster a family oriented culture at work. 

That can be accomplished by having a transparent open door policy. Also giving employees’ worries, suggestions, and opinions real consideration. Of course, not every comment will be taken into consideration. But by listening and responding thoughtfully, you will validate the employee and show that their opinion matters.

Encourage gratitude

Whenever a worker accomplishes something great, let everyone know! While concentrating on areas that need improvement is crucial for organizations, it’s crucial that this doesn’t prevent them from acknowledging their wins. 

A little bit of gratitude may go a long way toward making employees feel content and secure at work. That goes whether you choose to adopt a more formal strategy and institute a “employee of the month” award or simply thank them personally for their contributions.

Encourage team building

Part of what makes being part of a family so special is the focus on relationships. To do this in the workplace you’ll want to focus on team building so that employees form and cultivate workplace relationships. That in turn will improve the office dynamics. 

There are typically many opportunities for this within the workplace. From planned team building away days to cross-departmental collaboration projects. 

In conclusion

A family oriented company culture may result in happier employees, increased productivity and retention rates, as well as enhanced workplace dynamics. 

Ultimately, your workplace and your organizational goals will determine whether you decide to implement such a culture.

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